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    Original classics as Interactive games

Our platform

Interactive chat stories

Use multiple characters, conversations. Use technology to engage the readers in your world of possible choices and multiple outcomes. Use gameplay to invovle the reader to be a part of your story.

No coding needed

If you can write a story, you can build a mobile game. We're working on a drag and drop studio to help you easily write interactive stories and publish the game in a matter of minutes. In the meantime, we're accepting stories and games written in any format.


Knovella stories run natively and are all cross-platform by default. Every game works the same on iOS and Android. You'll never need to hassle with performance issues or any publishing issues.

Absolutely Free

There's no cost to write and publish stories on Knovella. We'll even offer professional proofreading, editing, art and illustration and cover design for free. You get the credits for your work and also get publicity wherever we distribute our app.


Feel free to check our games for your reference

Chat conversations

Interactive, quick storytelling

Multiple characters

Any number of characters

Multiple conversations

Create any number of on on one conversations

Group conversations

Create multiple group conversations

Multi-platform, multi-devices

App looks similiar on all devices, all platforms

Add more chapters

You may add more chapters to the story eventually

Multiple choices

You may add more as many branches as needed


Push notifications enabled

Background music & sound

Add customized theme based on the story

Custom styles

Multiple styles and themes available

User's progress and profile

Save user's progress and resume

Images and videos support

Iluustrate stories using images and videos

Offline support

Users may read the stories in offline mode

Marketing your stories

Reach out to wider markets

Get in touch

Leave us a note with your details and we will get back to you